Words to live by

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“I know you've heard it a thousand times before. But it's true—hard work pays off. If you want to be good, you have to practice, practice, practice. If you don't love something, then don't do it.”

Ray Bradbury (born 1920);

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Words to live by


quote of the day

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”

Louis L'Amour
(1908-1988); Author

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quote of the day

“A man may fight fiercely to hold his own in business; but he does not need to fight to get ahead of someone in the elevator, or up the car steps, or at the post office window. And no matter how strong competition is, business and personal courtesy make it easier and pleasanter for everybody.”

—William H. Hamby
(-); Author

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Waiting for "Superman"

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Words to live by

quote of the day

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it. ”

Oprah Winfrey
(1954-); Television Host, Actress, Philanthopist

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Playing Catch Up (February - present) Part II

Hmm I messed up the order....Oh well. Here's some more in the best possible order.

VALENTINE'S DAY! Spent it getting my head smacked by pillows.

Met up with some homies and charged into battle.


Yep. I wore crazy pants. The girl who offered to take a picture of us did a great job.

Participated in another flash mob type of thing. Did the SF Powell freeze with over 500+ people. There's a video where you could clearly see me and Marc frozen but you can't really see much because the person taking it was frozen too, hahahaha. This was just the gist of it.

Our winterguard theme this year was The Dark Hour Circus. Heartbroken because no one got a good video of the show from champs so we'll never be able to see it in its epic entirety. This season was nuts because we had about 34 kids in guard, which is the most we've ever worked with and put into competition EVER. They were amazing and they never fail to blow me away. I'm lucky to be surrounded by people who are passionate about the huge unknown world of color guard :) Here are some picture of the kids in action taken by Cindy's mom Sharon :) (compiled from a few different shows).

Show's over!

The CRAZIEST flag feature ever. I held my breath through the entire thing.

The kids with the help of staff and friends painted this floor and they do it every year. Damn straight!

Our core dancers and their ringmasters.

They really know how to bring life to the show :)

One of my favorite pictures :)

Rehearsal. The Last Exorcism.

Finally got to work with my good friend Jaime and his production company Exploding Toys. Really short and sweet thing we decided to do out of no where.

Our submission for the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Festival. I got to work with my great friends and classmates from the Beverly Hills Playhouse SF and an amazing crew from Academy of Art University.

I also got the chance to work with great artists from Berkeley Digital Film Institute on a project called "Buyer Beware" that made it into the Austin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival! Can't put the film on here but definitely blog worthy.

To be continued...

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Tease me.

I already started looking into this film because I'm such a spoiler and it seems like a lot of people are calling BS on the filmmakers because they claim it's a documentary. Whatever it is, they sure did a good job making me curious so I'm seeing it when it releases. It looks like it falls into the Paranormal Activity/ Fourth Kind club.

This looks like fun...

Do we need a remake? Looks like it could be good. I LOVED Let the Right One In though! Best ending ever.

That is such an epic song for a movie about Facebook. But hell yes to Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg.

hahahahah awwww Michael Cera :)

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Finding Ann Reckley

My brother and I took piano lessons with Ann Reckley since we were 6 years old (1993) and saw her once a week until we were 16. At that point, we had become extremely involved with marching band and color guard and it became difficult to continue taking lessons. She still sent us Christmas cards every year after that and we saw her at least once after we stopped taking lessons. In December 2007, my family vacationed in the Philippines for the holidays and when we returned in January we had received another Christmas card from Ms. Reckley. It came with a letter saying how much she loved and missed us and a picture of me, my brother, and her sitting at her piano. I regretted not keeping in touch with her for all those years and decided to give her call. Nobody picked up, so I left a message hoping that she’d get back to me. A few nights later while at Subway in Davis with my roommates, I noticed that I had missed a phone call and received a voicemail. Ms. Reckley’s daughter, Judy, left me a message saying that Ms. Reckley had a heart attack. I called her back right away and she told me how happy her mother would be if we came to visit her at the hospital. I collected all the necessary information to see her and made a promise that I would visit. The next day, I called the hospital that she was staying at and they couldn’t help me locate her. They told me she must have moved to a different hospital and that they didn’t know which one. My dad and I went to her house a few days after that to drop off a gift our family had bought for her after we got her Christmas card and no one was home. This is where I got stupid. I let other priorities get in the way, stopped trying to figure out where she was, and never called her daughter for help. I gave up WAY too soon. Since that day, I kept her daughter’s number on speed dial but never attempted to call. Soon, months went by and I became more and more afraid to call because I thought I had missed my chance to see her. I was afraid of her family questioning why I didn’t try harder. I was just a freakin idiot. But Ms. Reckley was always on my mind and I kept a little note that reminded me to try and find her. It’s now August 2010, and my boyfriend asked me what the note was for and who Ms. Reckley was so I told him. That little reminder revived my wanting to see her so that I could thank her for the card and picture. A week later, I decided to stop beating myself up and went back to her house in hopes of seeing her or at least getting closure because by now, I was so sure she had passed away. As I was approaching her door, I could hear movement inside her house. I was so happy that someone was at least still living there! I rang the doorbell and my heart broke as a young Latino man opened the door. I decided I would ask about her anyway. Who knows? Maybe he knew her or knows where she could be? As I was speaking to him I noticed a little old woman on a wheelchair right behind him and I just had this shocked look on my face. The little old woman asked me what was wrong and I told her who I was. They let me in and I immediately ran in to hug her. I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY and so was she! She spent the next hour or so telling me about all the crap she’d been through in the last two years from her heart attack to the horrible things some people have done to her. I told her how much it all upset me. I told her how much I loved and missed her too. I had a really hard time holding back tears. She hugged and kissed my cheek a lot. She told me stories about her grandchildren and her dog that I used to play with while it was my brother’s turn for lessons. She told me how she remembered that I was the perfectionist who had to play everything exactly as it was written and how my brother was the embellisher who could take any song and change it any way he wanted. She told me that we were so different but equally talented. She told me that she never wanted to change us or stop us from doing anything piece that we loved. She just wanted to encourage and encourage and encourage. And she did. She told me how blessed she is to have so many people that love her. She told me that most of them seemed to be Filipino and that Filipinos were just so nice. She asked if I was Filipino. I told her I was and she laughed and said no wonder you’re so kind :) She told me she didn’t have time to stress out about the things that happened to her or the people who continue to treat her horribly. She told me she wanted to spend the last years of her life happy. She’s 89 years old and she STILL teaches piano! She said it keeps her alive and that she never plans on stopping and that makes me ridiculously happy. It’s my mission in life to do the things I love until the day I die and she’s living proof of that. Even more proof that doing what you love and surrounding yourself with people you love will give you a long and happy life. SHE is an amazing artist that I look up to because she still has so much energy, spunk, and youthfulness. I promised her that I would be visiting her a lot more and that I would try to come to her recitals. She told me she wanted me to play for them (CRAP!) so now I have to prepare hahahahaha. But I love her. The only reason I couldn’t hang out with her longer was because one of her current students came to pick her up to bring her to her birthday party in Sacramento. Apparently, they were neighbors who recently moved to Sacramento but they still come to see her and take lessons once a week. I told her again how much people love her and she said she knew. Before I left I made sure to take another picture with her and told her I’d bring my family to see her soon. It just feels so good to know that it was never too late and that it’s still not too late. I definitely plan to be a part of her life because that’s how much she means to me. So, if you have ever lost touch with someone you care about, a friend, a family member, an amazing teacher, IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM! Great teachers are rare and one of the most bittersweet things about being a teacher is watching your students learn and grow, developing strong relationships with them, and then never seeing them again. If anything, please tell all your loved ones how much you appreciate them every single day because it will never get old.

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